mobile presentation maker + messenger
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Turn your presentation into a video on your mobile
What is VKINNY?

VKINNY is a messenger with mobile presentation maker. You can simply make a video presentation on mobile and share it on VKINNY.

  • Present

    Add PDF files, videos or images on the VKINNY canvas and make a video presentation quickly and easily. You can present items that is hard to explain with your own explanation through VKINNY.

  • Upload

    As soon as you are done with recording, VKINNY uploads the recorded file on the cloud storage. Providing AWS based cloud, we can promise you the most stable and flexible environment to send/receive messages.

  • Send & Receive

    In order to communicate through the video message conveniently, we added messenger function on VKINNY. Select the video message and write a message like an e-mail to send and receive messages!

  • Comment

    You don’t have to write a separate reply for each messages. Just leave comments on the message directly with the members in the group. You can simply see how the conversation went, and get things done faster.

  • Videolize

    Videolize your presentation materials
    (PDF, image, and Video)

  • Explain

    Add your voice or self video while going through the presentation slides

  • Emphasize

    Emphasize certain points with highlighter, Zooming in/out and memo